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Become a member of Division 52. Visit the Membership Page and submit an application.'

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Join the ILN database by filling out the form linked here. You will receive ILN news and updates via email. The database will soon e made searchable to connect with other ILN members.

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Click here to join the ILN LinkedIn group.

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Make your voice heard - which goals interest you?

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Join the ILN conversation hours.
Join the ongoing discussion through the open forum on the Div52 Discussion Listserv
Contact 2016 Division President Jean Lau Chin directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Join Division 52 Listservs

Division 52 hosts a number of listservs to keep you informed and to allow discussion

DIV52 (open to all): General announcements about Division 52 activities and weekly digest with all submitted posts to the list

DIV52DISCUSS (open to D52 members only): Unmoderated list (all posts are automatically sent) for discussion, information sharing among Dvision members

DIV52ECP (open to ECPs and all D52 members): List with news for Early Career Psychologists

DIV52ICFW (open to all): Listserv for the Division 52 International Committee for Women - news, announcements and discussion

DIV52STU(Division 52 Students Forum)

To join any listserv: send an email to listserv@lists.apa.org with an empty subject line and an email body contains ONLY Subscribe [Listserv name] - e.g. Subscribe Div52 or Subscribe div52discuss  
You must send a separate email for each listserv you want to join. You will receive an automatic welcome/confirmaton email either immediately (for open lists) or after confirmation by the listserv manager (for members only lists)


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