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Mission, Vision and Values

Division 52 Mission

Both at home and abroad, the Division of International Psychology (1) engages current and future psychologists who wish to think and act globally in their lives and work, (2) promotes ethically responsive and internationally informed education, training, research, practice, leadership, exchange, study, and service, and (3) fosters application of the essential knowledge, skills, and values of psychology to the most pressing issues of our day.

Division 52 Vision

(section 2.2 of the Bylaws, 2018)
Division 52 seeks to:

  • become the primary or secondary professional “home” for current and future psychologists to engage in all things international;
    encourage psychologists and students to direct their education, training, research, practice, leadership, exchange, study, and service activities and aspirations toward international emphases, populations, and needs;
  • openly explore and engage a globally inclusive and epistemologically diverse understanding of psychology as a discipline and profession, while a) respectfully and credibly appraising established and emerging models, methods, and worldviews from the Global North, South, East, and West and b) eschewing the reflexive and superficial embrace or rejection of any particular paradigm or approach, regardless of origin, culture, or context;
  • promote a globally inclusive and epistemologically diverse understanding of psychology within our affiliated organizations and systems as well as the programs, policies, and practices that we develop, implement, and review;
  • provide timely and relevant resources for personal and professional development that are aligned with our mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities;
  • create vibrant opportunities for collaboration and networking within psychology and with interdisciplinary colleagues and students around the world;
  • apply internationally informed psychological science and expertise to the global challenges we collectively face, exemplified by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations;
  • foster a culture of informed citizenry, ethical engagement, and social responsibility by the field and profession of psychology to address the global issues that affect us all.

Division 52 Values

Division 52 Values Statement
(Section 2.3m, Bylaws 2018)

Division 52 envisions a field and profession of psychology where a broad representation of applied, cultural, empirical, epistemological, theoretical, and disciplinary synergies may engage and enliven current and future psychologists in our ongoing pursuit of the greater good.

Both locally and globally, we value internationally-minded education, training, research, practice, leadership, exchange, study, and service activities that support intellectual rigor, personal and professional integrity, self-awareness, ecological validity, conceptual depth, interdisciplinary collaboration, mutual understanding, cultural responsivity, and kindness, compassion, and care for all, including marginalized and dispossessed individuals and groups as well as the natural world which sustains us.

To facilitate inculcation of and responsivity to such values, Division 52 promotes processes of self-reflection regarding the many formative variables that shape who we are and may become as students, professionals, citizens, and human beings (e.g., cultural, national, linguistic, economic, educational, environmental, ethnic, gender, political, religious).

We likewise value activities that disseminate, translate, evaluate, and infuse globally responsive findings, pedagogies, and applications into credible and impactful actions, policies, and practices.

In so doing, we recognize always the needs, contributions, perspectives, and hopes of the many publics we serve, at home and abroad.