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Chair:  Renee Staton, PhD

Committee Members: Richard Velayo, PhD, Gloria Gernwald, PhD


  • Develop webinars on topics related to Internationalizing the Psychology Curriculum
  • Develop list of resources relevant to each of the 17 UNited Natons Sustainable Development goals

Description of the Curriculum and Training Committee from the Division 52 Handbook

The Curriculum Committee was founded in 2001 and reconstituted as the Curriculum and Training Committee in 2006. Consistent with the purpose of the Division of International Psychology, the mission of the Committee is to foster among psychology undergraduates and graduates an appreciation of and readiness to respond to the challenges and responsibilities of psychological science and practice as these evolve in an increasingly interconnected world. Psychology students must be assisted to recognize the demographic, economic, political, religious, and sociocultural sources of variability in psychological phenomena, evaluate psychological theory, research, and practice from contextual perspectives, and embrace psychology as it is situated and evolving elsewhere in the world, one increasingly affected by globalization.
The primary goal of the Curriculum and Training Committee is to develop cooperative ties with the APA’s initiatives to internationalize the psychology curriculum (which includes a recommendation to expand the clearinghouse of materials available for course development), the Committee on International Relations in Psychology (which is committed to internationalizing the psychology curriculum), the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (whose Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology offers resources to support instruction in international psychology), and the International Committee for Women (which promotes education to advance the equality of women worldwide). Through a coordinated effort, the Committee can lend its expertise toward preparing psychology students to become informed and capable global citizens.

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