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Chair: Suzana Adams Psy.D. 

Fast Connect Committee has been connecting Div52 members since 2014.

Mission statement:
Fast-Connect and its extension, Fast-Connect-Across-Borders, are programs connecting Div52 members and partners from different parts of the world, organizations, and other APA Divisions with an international focus. These programs aim to create and improve inter- and intraprofessional
networking, mentoring, and collaborative working relationships among members of Div52 and beyond. In addition, Fast-Connect fosters connections across the span of careers by promoting conversations among students, early career psychologists, and members that have
been in the field for over 10 years. This allows participants to connect across curriculums, age groups, specialties, and borders, creating strong partnerships and globally focused, fresh-thinking mental health community. Fast-Connect is also a tool for maintaining, promoting, and recruiting
members. Through participation, members have an opportunity to briefly communicate personally with fellow members of Div52 and members of other organizations and divisions, identify individuals with same interests, initiate collaborations, and strengthen relations with
international and national partners.
96 Fast-Connect participants and 16 FCAB participants were featured in the Div52 website, listserv, and Facebook. 32 updates were completed. Fast Connect Committee is now preparing to work with Div52 Task Force 5.

Goals for 2017

  • Continue collaboration with the strategic planning process and highlight national and international liaisons.
  • Establish the "fast-connect.me" website.
  • Market/advertise Fast Connect.
  • Re-structure procedures to track mentoring activities.
  • Increase completion rate of Fast Connect threads. Complete 20 more threads (Div52
    members with Div52 partners).

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