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Fast-Connect and its extention, Fast-Connect Across Borders, are initiatives connecting D52 members with each other and with colleagues across borders and areas in psychology. Fast-Connect aims to strengthen partnerships by creating and improving inter- and intra- professional networking, mentoring, and collaborative working relations among members of D52 and beyond.

Fast-Connect connects students, early career psychologists, and members that have been in the field for over 10 years. to create organic, strong, and fresh partnerships. Through participation, members have an opportunity to identify individuals with the same interests, to initiate collaborations, to be highlighted, and to get advice for thesis, publications, internships, and grants.

How does it work?

The process is designed to be fast and simple.

  • With the assistance of a coordinator, three volunteers: a student, an early career psychologist (ECP), and a senior psychologist are paired.
  • They are instructed on how to connect with each other while respecting a given deadline.
    • The senior psychologist interviews the student.
    • The student interviews the ECP.
    • The ECP interviews the senior psychologist.
  • Each interviewer writes a brief paragraph of just 180 words about the interviewee (Approximately 4 or 5 sentences). The sentences are not a typical bio, listing achievements, but more of a brief introduction, including interests, specializations, and needs (Examples of needs: looking for collaboration, internship, opportunities to present, publish, and mentor). The last sentence gives a more personal glimpse into the interviewee's life.
  • Each interviewer sends the profile for review to his or her interviewee.The interviewee makes corrections if needed, adds a photo, and submits it to the coordinator.
  • The coordinator collects and formats the three profiles and then disseminates them via the Div52 listserv, the Div52 bulletin, the Div52 Facebook page, and archived on the D52-Fast-Connect webpages. Often participants belonging to other national or international associations publish Fast-Connect profiles on their website.

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